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Back to the future means for us that, by going back to a cultivation that respects the environment, we take a big step forward for the future of our children and our land.  This is the enhancement of rural Sicily, where we still live in respect of nature, time and man.
With this mission, Baglio Bonsignore was established in 2016; and its interest and focus is exclusively on organic and natural production.
The countryside of Naro, near the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, is a territory in the Sicilian hinterland where time has been enchanted, where the air is still clean. Here, the soil (arenaceous, clayey and limestone) challenges the men which try to cultivate it, but, on the other hand,  it offers noble, precious and unique raw materials.
Baglio Bonsignore wants to represent our return to humanity and to Mother-Earth, the gathering of our family, the rediscover of the time for ourselves, for passions and dreams. This is the place where we have chosen to welcome our guests by offering them a path through the vineyards, a path strongly linked to the traditions of Sicilian cuisine, culture and nature. Here, also, we have chosen to grow up our children, to feed our enthusiasms, to establish and evolve our company. This is our little corner of paradise, where we cultivate our future.

The workings of the vineyards are intentionally limited, in order to ensure a good supply of organic substances to the soil, which are also integrated with the grassy legume and the green manure done in the spring.

The chemical treatments are also limited: in addition to the use of sulfur, we are experimenting with the use of organic natural products to reduce the pathogenic fungi.   Moreover, in order to limit the development of harmful insects, we use the biotechnological method of pheromones.

We remain coherent with our mission and that is why we ask our suppliers to share the same philosophy.
Our capsules are made by Derma, the exclusive material for the production of capsules, a very high-tech polylaminate, which combines excellent performance and a low environmental impact.
A product that guarantees clean production processes, reduction of waste and stability over time.  These are just some of the advantages offered by this material, that, moreover, doesn’t require any glue to join its components.
-9.76% of the gCO2eq for each capsule

Our stoppers are also eco-friendly: they are made of natural cork.
Completely natural, reusable and recyclable, cork is perfectly in line with the environmental awareness of contemporary society“.
(From Corticeira Amorim, which pursues an exemplary economic activity in terms of sustainable development).
By promoting the cyclical picking of cork, without damaging the trees, the company ensures that the cork oak forest is a vital, renewable and natural resource, with countless environmental, economic and social benefits.
The cork oak forests are natural CO2 sources, regulate the hydrological cycle, protect against erosion and fire and promote a level of biodiversity comparable to regions such as the Amazon, Borneo and the African savannah. The cork harvest maintains the vitality of the forests themselves and helps the associated economic, environmental and social development, allowing thousands of people to continue living and working in arid and semi-arid areas.
This three-dimensional contribution allows cork to stand out as one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world.